Omicron Tau Theta (OTT) is the premier professional honorary graduate society in career and technical education. Established by Dr. Anthony G. Porreca in 1976 at the University of Tennessee, the goal of OTT was to acknowledge the achievement of graduate students, professional educators, business leaders, and industry and government partners in career and technical education. To this end OTT seeks to:
  • Foster a closer relationship among schools, government, business and industry, and members of the society.
  • Promote the benefits of career and technical education in relation to the individual, society, and work.
  • Assist and encourage member in their professional development and achievement.
  • Encourage research in career and technical education.
To encourage and disseminate research in vocational and technical education, OTT sponsors the Journal of Career and Technical Education (JCTE), published twice annually in electronic form. Beginning in 2013, Dr. Victor M. Hernandez and Dr. Eddie Fletcher will share the editorial responsibilities.

The Alpha Gamma Chapter at USF joins nine other active chapters at the following universities: Ohio State University (Eta), Virginia Tech (Iota), Oklahoma State University (Phi), Souther Illinois University  (Lambda), University of Georgia (Mu), University of Jyvaskyla in Finland (Upsilon), Temple University (Gamma), North Carolina State University (Xi), and University of Strathclyde in the United Kingdom (Chi).

Dr. Johanna Lasonen, Professor of Career and Workforce Education, was instrumental in spearheading the initiative to join OTT and will serve as the founding Alpha Gamma Advisor at the University of South Florida.